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How To Be A Digital Nomad in Bali: Complete Guide in 2023

Bali is the best place in the world to be a digital nomad. Become a digital nomad in Bali with this complete 2023 guide now!

How To Be A Digital Nomad in Bali: Complete Guide in 2023

Isaac's Digital Nomad Guides: Bali

There's many reasons why I believe Bali is the best place in the world to be a digital nomad.

Here are just a few:

1. The community: There is massive  expat community in Bali, especially in Canggu, which means you'll be able to meet other people who are also working remotely. This can be great for networking and finding new opportunities, as well as making new friends.

2. The location: Bali is gorgeous, from the tropical paradise beaches, lush rice terraces, amazing beach clubs, restaurants and more. Working remotely from Bali allows you to live in paradise.

3. The cost of living: Bali is crazy cheap, especially for the value. For a few grand a month, you can live like an absolute king. While the US dollar goes far in a lot of countries, Bali has built itself around its expat community. The spas, restaurants, villas etc are all elevated and gorgeous, while also being very affordable.

4. The work-life balance: Bali is known for its laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, which can be a welcome change. Go surf, enjoy nature, travel to local islands, and then work later in the day/night.

Where do I stay?

In Bali there are three main areas where people typically live. You have Canggu, Ubud and Uluwatu

Canggu- My favorite area as a digital nomad. Tons of expats, coworking, networking, gyms

---Canggu is split up between different areas, the canggu in most peoples mind is from Pererenan to Berawa.

Pererenan- Where I live, it's the best city in bali for the most balance. Less traffic, nicest restaurants. It's a boujee expat area only a few minutes from canggu

Ubud- hippie jungle, super chill place with amazing views, the monkey forests and great food. Its where you find most of the yoga retreats and spiritual places. There definitely have digital nomads there, but there is less of a community. Lots of mushrooms up here

Uluwatu - Some of the best surfing in the world, breathtaking cliff views. Feels like a surf town, kinda spread out, not much for coworking but definitely the most beautiful area of Bali.

Seminyak - lots of resorts- restaurants with amazing deals, where families and tourists normally stay when they arrive. Close to Canggu

Denpasar- don’t stay here, please don’t stay here. Go here for hospitals or immigration


Body Factory is my go to gym. It's expensive for the area (like $280 USD a month) but it has an amazing spa, classes etc. I met most of my friends through this gym. The spa area is super social, and I normally spend about 3-4 hours a day between the gym and pool. Has 2 cold plunges, a hot tub and killer sauna as well.

The Wrong Gym is my new gym because its right next to my house and brand new. Similar to body factory but smaller and nicer

Obsidian is a newer gym that is cheaper than body factory and still real nice. Day passes are more reasonable, but the recovery isnt as good

Wanderlust is fantastic for crossfit

Surya: Cheap gym that gets the job done, near the rice patties. Why its really awesome is they have personal training for like $15 a session.

Bali religion

I copy and pasted this but yeah super nice people/religion:

Bali is predominantly a Hindu island within a predominantly Muslim country (Indonesia). The majority of the population in Bali practices a form of Hinduism that is unique to the island and has been influenced by local customs and beliefs. The Balinese Hinduism is a syncretic religion that combines elements of ancient animist traditions with Hindu-Buddhist beliefs and practices that were introduced to the island by Majapahit empire in the 13th century. The Balinese Hinduism also incorporates rituals and traditions from other religions, such as Islam and Christianity, as well as traditional Balinese beliefs.

In addition to Hinduism, there are also small communities of Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists living on the island. Overall, the people of Bali are known for their religious tolerance and the ability to coexist peacefully with people of different beliefs.

Food & Spots:

Here is my google maps list you can check out with my favorite restaurants and spots:


So I broke my ankle while in Bali, so I have a lot of experience here.

Bali Med is my go to private hospital if you dont have insurance. You'll get good care without BIMC's crazy markup

BIMC is another private hospital. Its the best one for sure, but they will do everything they can to screw you price wise or screw your insurance so negotiate and work with your insurance. I bought travel insurance and I recommend you do so to.

How to find a place:

Canggu Community Housing on Facebook is a great resource. You’ll save a lot by signing a year or 6 month lease. Its pretty easy to fill your place for a couple months if you need to leave early.

Airbnb: Just more expensive than going direct but still great options.


Getting a scooter: You’re looking at roughly $100 a month for a scooter, can definitely go cheaper but its your main mode of transport and I feel safer on a nice one.


You can go to massages all around the island they are awesome and about $5-10 each. If you want an at home one, follow @canggumassage its like $14 for an hour deep tissue massage

Coworking spaces:

BWork- the newest and best coworking. Great deal if you are working night hours, as they have a night time membership for like 40% off.

Tropical Nomad- Another cool spot

Dojo- The OG coworking spot. A lot more casual and social.

Outpost- not a fan tbh


I have this tailor dude that comes to your house and will make you custom tshirts and button downs. Its $10 each for tshirts (min 3) and like $35 for custom linen shirts. That’s actually real cheap because the cost of the raw linen is like $15-20 alone.

Other places?

Lombok is cool, not hindu so different vibe and they built a moto track there, its going to a great place to invest bc there is going to be great infrastructure

Another great guide was made by Bwork, the coworking space. Check it out here it's fantastic:

Overall, working remotely in Bali can be a great experience for those who are looking to enjoy a better work-life balance, save money, and be more productive while still being able to enjoy all that this beautiful destination has to offer.