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The Benefits of Living in A Different Time Zone

Discover the perks of living in different time zone as a team. Maximize work-life balance and seize global opportunities!

The Benefits of Living in A Different Time Zone

One of the biggest questions I get about being a digital nomad, while  running a company from the other side of the world is, “Doesn't the difference in time between zones bother you at all?”

I am here to say that the difference in a timezone is probably my favorite part of living abroad.

The main issue comes from our current 9-5 schedules. We structure our workday around a period when there is daylight, but nowadays, with so many of our jobs working behind a computer screen, that timing is terrible!

Working across time zones provided me greater flexibility in terms of scheduling. It also made it easier for me to accommodate different and customized work styles.

Don’t you think you should be outside, getting your daily dose of Vitamin D? Enjoying the beautiful planet we are on when it is warm and sunny outside?

Well, I think so. Living abroad has made me change how I look at work-life balance.

Here’s my current schedule living in Bali, Indonesia, while running a company based in Florida:

  • 10 am- Wake up
  • 10:30-12 - Brunch time at a cafe near the beach ($4). Brought my laptop to answer emails and get into some deep work. (I so love the crashing waves in the background here).
  • 12-7 pm Whatever the hell I want! Most days, I go surfing or hang around in a gym with an amazing outdoor infinity pool and spa. Some days, I go hiking or work on a new hobby, but almost every day I’m outside just exploring and enjoying the day.
  • 7-8:30: Dinner with friends ($5-15)
  • 9 pm-2:00 am: Head to the villa's co-working space and start my work day. Now that I had an entire day to work out, play, etc. I’m excited to head to work with a clear head.

I know what I need to accomplish during this shift and can execute effectively, with limited distractions around me.

I use a calendar scheduler to have any customers or team members book times to meet with me within the 9-2 time slot.

My work area is well-lit, so people have no idea I’m across the entire world!

Now you might be like, “Isaac isn’t that exhausting to work that late at night after a full day?”Honestly, not really. I feel reinvigorated by calls with clients and team members.

The US is awake and pumping, and I can feed off that energy. I also feel like I already accomplished a full day of fun, so I go to work without spite or thoughts of what to do after work.

Also, I know it's crazy to say, but I really feel like I accomplish the same amount of work that used to take me the entire day in just a few hours of proper focus.

On a  regular workday, you're stuck inside a 9-5 time slot. Because of that, if somebody wants to fill your day with unimportant meetings or even coffee dates, your schedule is wide open, and you kinda just say, “yeah, sure I got the time”.

By allocating all this time to “work,” you put off the important stuff and fill up your day with tons of fluff.

I know this all sounds crazy, but you gotta try it to believe it! Never again am I going back to this 9-5 BS. I’m taking control of my day and prioritizing living first!

Work can still be the most important thing in your life, without it being your life.