Meet The Sourcing Guy

Isaac Hetzroni - Imprint Genius CEO

I'm Isaac Hetzroni, the Sourcing Guy! Join my journey in global sourcing and discover actionable insights to excel in product sourcing!

I have been in manufacturing and supply chain my entire life. My mother's family owned a small apparel factory in Toronto, and my father has owed an electronics factory in Suzhou, China for the last 20 years. Growing up and working every summer between the factories gifted me a fascination for manufacturing that sticks with me to this day.

Since then I've traveled the world sourcing products. I've visited manufacturers of tea in Sri Lanka, bags in Cambodia, shoes in Indonesia, shapewear in Turkey, shirts in Mexico, jewelry in Thailand, and so many more

There are so many beautiful products being made in amazing facilities around the world. I hope my global guide and lessons on the site will allow others to source outside of just China and help grow economies that just need a bit more visibility to break into the world.

I built this site to share my passion for manufacturing with the world, and ultimately help close the gap that is so present in supply chain education.